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What is online therapy?

Online therapy, sometimes referred to as "telemental health" is the practice of psychotherapy offered via a secure, HIPPA compliant platform. Studies show that online therapy can be as effective as in-person therapy.

Why would I choose online therapy?

Some reasons include: - You are seeking to receive therapy from the privacy and safety of your home - You are unable to find a Therapist in your local area - You have a busy schedule and are looking for the convenience of reduced travel time

What do I need to be eligible for online therapy?

Online Therapy services are only available to clients within the state of California. Due to legal restrictions, I cannot conduct sessions with out-of-state clients or with residents traveling out of state. The following is needed to engage in online therapy: - Access to a computer or mobile device (android and iOS supported)
- Reliable internet connection
- A private location to ensure privacy and confidentiality

How long does each therapy session last?

Therapy sessions last 50 minutes and typically occur every week; however, length and frequency may vary according to your individual needs. Weekly sessions at the onset of therapy are recommended as a strong therapeutic relationship between the client and therapist is essential to the process.

How much does each therapy session cost?

The fee for each 50-minute therapy session is $125. Payment is due at the time of service. All major credit cards are accepted through a secure online payment.

What is therapy like?

Therapy is a way to process, gain insight, and grow from your personal circumstances that may be resulting in negative thoughts/emotions/behaviors. Our first few sessions will be spent getting to know you and determining what you would like to gain from coming to therapy. After that, each session may vary in content and focus, though our established therapy goals will serve as our guide. We will look at what is (and is not) working in your life and determine if these are things you would like to change. As the therapist, my role is to help you better understand yourself and guide you to make the changes necessary to receive the results you desire.

Do you take health insurance?

I am not currently accepting insurance. If you are interested in using your insurance, there are things to keep in mind; Your insurance can limit the number of sessions, you might have a high deductible to pay, it may dictate the services your therapist can provide, and they require a diagnosis that will be part of your permanent medical record.